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A Few Words About Us

BtcUnion Limited is a professional cryptocurrency investment company since 2017. We are based in London and have in our employ investment professionals from many industries, ranging from advanced computer technology to engineering. BtcUnion Limited spends a lot of time studying the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and looking for different ways to get Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. In addition, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience, use our skills for earnings and to promote the idea of switching to cryptocurrency in all sectors of the financial life of people. That is why we are launching our investment project and invite everyone who shares our ideas and is ready to grow with BtcUnion Limited.
BtcUnion.biz choose these bitcoin market for trading for now, BTC-E, Bitfinex, CoinBase, OKcoin, HUOBI. If you find more great bitcoin market please contact us and we will added. All deposits will be exchange to bitcoin in the market then exchange back to pay profits for all investors. And bitcoin deposit will be more welcome here.

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Meet the Team

Damien Kaschzmarek


Damien is CEO of BtcUnion.biz Limited. He manages whole operation of the company.

Derek Zoolander

CFO, Analyst

Derek,is a Wall Street operative, with an incredibly insightful skills of financial management.

Tom Marvolo


Tom is an expert in managing & mining cryptocoins and trading cryptocurrencies.